Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Su Su Nway Has Been Released

“I take my prison uniform with me because I know that I will have to come back to jail until Burma gets democracy."
Excerpt from her interview with DVB radio

A heroine of our age, Su Su Nway, who was imprisoned last year by the ruling military junta of Burma for her courageous fight against forced labor practices was released from prison yesterday. Her unexpected release, several months earlier than her prison term, came amid the growing international call for her release, as well as pressure from the ILO (International Labor Organizations) meeting being held in Geneva, Switzerland. The news of her sudden release made headline throughout the overseas-based Burma media and people inside and outside Burma express their happiness to her release.

She was in prison about eight months and the military junta gave no reason for their release of her which occurred ten months earlier than her release date. However there are clear indications that the junta takes a call from convening ILO meeting for immediate release of all imprisoned labor activists as an imminent threat to their already-dwindling position of staying on power.

In her radio interviews given soon after her release from jail, Su Su Nway said that she would resume her fight for labor rights and she was not afraid of being arrested again, adding that she wanted all political prisoners to be freed as soon as possible like her.

The Burmese community and Su Su Nway School in Finland are planning to celebrate her freedom from jail and this Su Su Nway's Blog will continue to blog her activities.


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