Thursday, November 17, 2005

Su Su Nway honoured by Burmese activists in Finland

Su Su Nway honoured by Burmese activists in Finland
Nov 14, 2005 (DVB) - Burmese activists in Finland have renamed a Burmese community school from Aryon-U (Early Dawn) to Su Su Nway, in honor of the imprisoned Burmese human rights activist from Htan Manaing Village, Kawmoo Township in Rangoon Division.
Moreover, they wrote a letter to the Amnesty International urging the international community to taken care of Su Su Nway’s welfare who is suffering from heart diseases and contrive for her immediate release.
A Burmese activist

Thar Swe told DVB that their action is part of the efforts to highlight the plight of Su Su Nway who is still not allowed to receive proper medical cares and medicines, and the dire condition of Rangoon Insein Jail she is being detained in.
The school was set up recently by Burmese exiles in Finland with the help of local Finish friends, to teach the children of Burmese refugees their mother tongue and culture.

The children will also be taught to copy the brave and selfless behaviors of Su Su Nway who sacrificed her life for the benefit of her fellow villagers. She was sentenced to a year and an half in prison on 13 October for allegedly hurling abuses at her local authority members, whom she successfully sued over forced labor practices a year earlier.


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